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Alat Listrik RT dan Hobby

Alat Listrik RT dan HobbySelang gas, Kipas Angin, Pompa Aquarium, Rele Lampu mobil set dll.
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Selang Gas Regulator + meter Gascomp Premium

Price : Rp. 120.000,-

Gascomp Premium Hose gas is designed for Rodent proof, flame resistance, abrasion, ozon & wether resistant. 5 years gurantee.
Dual safety automatic cut off for gas leakage....
Komputer,  Monitor,  UPS,  Dot matrix Printer

Price : Rp. 200.000 / Pieces

We are selling used Pentium III & Pentium IV , used CRT Monitor, UPS and Epsot dot Matrix Printer still in prima condition and competitive prices.
Please contact us :
Jual Fan KDK Harga Bersaing

Price : Sangat Bersaing

We are selling Exhaust Fan, Auto Ceiling Fan, Wall Fan, Ventilating Fan, Air Curtain dll Merk KDK most using in Industry.
Specification and Price List KDK
Ventilating Ceiling....
Cheap Lighting for Indoor

Price : competitive

We are a distributor of the Indoor Lighting manufacturer was established in 1994 with the basic concept to make the lighting fixture by combining the element glass and metal.

Relay 12V MX11 Profesional

Price : Rp. 105.000,- / set

We are selling Relay MX11 Profesional complete with cable for using headlamps of your cars
Relay MX11 is equipped with stabilizer, so your auto lighting will be brighter, easier....
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